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The Ginkgo Sas **** hotel in Hodmezovasarhely is the newest and most modern hotel in the town. With its  90 well-equipped rooms and apartments it offers superior accomodation for travellers. It has a fitness room, infra cabin, a sauna. Guests who visit Hodmezovasarhely by car can park in the underground garage. If you travel on business you can make use of the free ADSL connection in every room. There are two conference rooms with modern technical facilities, one for 30 people and the other for 90 people.

Try it without risk, free  cancellation.
No deposit, no registration, no booking fee!

The hotel is situated in the centre of Hodmezovasarhely, just off Kossuth square, the main square of the town, and the Town Hall. Despite its location, the neighborhood is quite but still you can find some good restaurants, cafes and confectionaries within walking distance.

Hodmezovasarhely Hotel Ginkgo-Sas is an ideal place to relax and have a peaceful holiday. It is just the right place to explore other parts of the region while spend some time in the only slow town of Hungary.

There is excellent public transport to Szeged which is the most important city in the Southern Great Plain and Szentes, Mako, and even Bekescsaba can be easily reached by bus or train. There is no other such high quality hotel in the region so it is the perfect choice if you want to stay in Csongrad county. 

Hodmezovasarhely is one of the safest town in Hungary and its inhabitants are very friendly and hospitable.

Hodmezovasarhely is the first town in Hungary that got the Hungarian Heritage Award and also the first slow city in Hungary.

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About us

We are an English Language School in Hodmezovasarhely. Our main goal is to teach English language  and make it even more popular than it already is . There are numerous native English speakers in Hodmezovasarhely and we have a good relationship with many of them.
Every year Global Volunteers come  to Hodmezovasarhely and we have very good relationship with them as well.

Apart from making English popular we also teach Hungarian language to English speaking people. We have very good qualified Hungarian teachers and we would like to teach our students not only the language but also to show them the beauty of Hungarian culture.
Whenever you visit Hodmezovasarhely we  are happy to help you with anything you need. Should you have any problems or questions, we are here to provide any information and help you need.

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Photo Gallery of Hodmezovasarhely 2011 Spring

Hodmezovasarhely Kossuth Square

Hodmezovasarhely Fekete Sas

Hodmezovasarhely slow city

Hodmezovasarhely on the way to Ginkgo Sas Hotel

Hodmezovasarhely Kossuth Square

Hodmezovasarhely Kossuth square

Hodmezovasarhely opposite Ginkgo Sas hotel

Hodmezovasarhely Ginkgo Sas hotel

Hodmezovasarhely kossuth square

Hodmezovasarhely Fekete Sas


Hodmezovasarhely reformed church and Alfoldi Gallery


Hodmezovasarhely town wall

Hodmezovasarhely Bethlen Gabor grammar school

Hodmezovasarhely playground in nepkert

Hodmezovasarhely girl with geese