Festivals & Events in Hodmezovasarhely   

If you are an art fan the best time to visit Hodmezovasarhely is the autumn. Hodmezovasarhely has always attracted artists, especially painters and art life is very vivid here. The Annual Autumn Exhibition is organized every October where you can see works of both local artists and artists from other parts of the country. This exhibition is a unique event as it has been organised every year since 1954. The exhibition traditionally opens on the first Sunday of October. It is the only exhibition in Hungary which has been organised for 56 times.  It is also the opening event of the Autumn Weeks in Hodmezovasarhely where you can attend different lectures, meetings, smaller exhibitions and workshops. On the day of the opening there is a fair where you can buy traditional products from craftsmen of the region.


The exhibition can be seen in Alfoldi Gallery right next to the Town Hall, about a three-minute walk from Ginkgo-Sas Hotel


Animal lovers should visit Hodmezovasarhely
in the second part of April, around 24th
 when they can visit the Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Days, International Exhibition and Fair on the Hungarian Great Plain. At the exhibition you can see the exhibition of breeding animals like sheep, horse, goat, poultry and cow and also technologies and equipments in connection with animal breeding.   as they can see new technologies, chemical fertilizers, information technology in agriculture. Food industry and environmental protection is also present at the exhibiton.It is the perfect place for professional people but the event attracts many more non-professional people and children too. There are programmes for everyone like horse shows, archery, dog exhibition, hound race and a fair where you can buy traditional products made by craftsmen and farmers of the region.  It usually lasts for three days and provide great entertainment for adults and children as well.

In 2011 the exact date of the exhibition is 6th-8th May.

The exhibition is at Hód-Mezőgazda Zrt. Exhibition Territory Hódmezővásárhely, main road 47., 195. km

GPS coordinates:
N 46. 43398’ E 20. 36289’
N 46’ 26.047’’ E 20’ 21.776’’

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20th August, or St. Stephen's Day, is one of the most important public holiday in Hungary as on that day we celebrate the foundation of the Hungarian state. It is also the day when the new bread is traditionally blessed. Political parties organise commemorations but besides that several exciting programmes await both local people and tourists from the morning until late in the evening ensuring wonderful time for the whole family.. Hodmezovasarhely organizes a weekend festival. There are special events at that time of the year including concerts, folk dancing, open-air theatre performances and a wine festival is held every year. Old and young can all find something to see or do. In the evening there is spectacular firework to close the festival.

Most programmes are organised in Kossuth square, a few steps from Ginkgo-Sas Hotel.

If you like technical sports Hodmezovasarhely is one of the best places to visit. There is a registered motocross circuit only 1.5 km from Hodmezovasarhely, between Szeged and Hodmezovasarhely. It is 1750 m long and 10 m wide, the level difference is 7.5 m. 
There are different championships and cups held during the year and many professional racers come to Hodmezovasarhely from junior to senior categories. 
Motocross has been very popular in Hodmezovasarhely since the 1960s when Sandor Tecsy won the national championship. 

Roland Ring is one of the best motocross circuit and it was built in 1980 and hasn’t been changed. It is not the easiest circuit  the mixture of sand, clay and saline parts make it quite difficult to drive on. There are motocross events throughout the year but you can also watch other technical sport sin Hodmezovasarhely. It is worth visiting this town if you enjoy this kind of sports.